Knowledge drops from #websummit 2017

Last week we spent amazing four days at Web Summit Lisbon. Here is some interesting bullet notes worth sharing!

1. Will AI save or destroy us?

People, not technology. We truly are in a technological revolution and Web Summit could be the biggest technology event in Europe (or the World), but there was a general tendency between the talks and topics of bringing empathy and people in first place. Much was said about the risks of Artificial Intelligence and the difficulty in creating legislation on new algorithms. On the opening night, we had the priviledge to have Stephen Hawking sharing his point of view: "There is no difference right now between the results that can be achieved by a biological brain and the computer. AI is taking over and it can be either the great success of the humanity or the worst. We must maximize societal benefit and make technologies work for the benefit of humanity in the first row.” Watch the full speech here.

2. The future of human race.

Bryan Johnson: an entrepreneur that made a personal investment of $100 million on his new venture, Kernel. The company's goal is to build an implantable device to improve brain function in humans, such as memory, while interfacing with artificial intelligence. Initially, the company is focusing on applications for patients with neurodegeneration such as memory loss. Check out his complete talk about "rebooting the brain" here.

3. Robots are here, and they come to stay.

Science fiction as we know is more and more close to our reality. This year Web Summit had one whole conference only focused on AI and robotics, the Talk Robot Conference. We even had over Sophia, a humanoid robot by Hanson Robotics - the first robot in history to have a recognized citizenship! Check out here the conversation that two robots had about AI and the end of humanity.