Ovito - Alimentação Nutritiva

strategy and branding project (including naming, logo and visual identity) for a cheerful and playful coffe shop focused on egg-based snacks.


Our challenge was to develop the complete branding concept for a company that only knew one thing: that it would sell egg-based snacks enveloped by a cheerful atmosphere.

Simplify access to fresh, tasty and quick snacks.
This is the purpose of Ovito, who sees meals as opportunities to bring people closer together, satiate their appetite and relax their bodies and minds during a busy day. We designed the brand strategy developing the brand personality, naming, visual identity, communication and brand activation. We built a clear, consistent, meaningful and playful brand, where the name turned into a character that carries the essence, voice, and style of the brand.

Ovito - Alimentação Nutritiva
Visit Ovito's space: Rua José do Patrocínio, 754 - Cidade Baixa - Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil
Instagram: @ovito_

Project: Brand Strategy, Positioning and Activation